Strategic Defense To Federal Charges In South Texas

There are many significant differences between a federal criminal case and one prosecuted in Texas state court. The federal government has tremendous resources. The rules and procedures in federal court are different. If you are suspected or accused of a federal offense, you need the help of a lawyer who understands the federal system. The lawyer you choose to protect you in the federal system can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your case.

The Experience Of Your Lawyer Matters In Federal Court

At the Law Office of Fabian Limas Jr. in Brownsville, Texas, we are committed to providing a rigorous defense in federal court. Defending against federal charges requires an intimate knowledge of the federal system, including the federal sentencing guidelines. However, you deserve to have an attorney on your side who not only has a command of federal law, but also has experience trying cases in federal court. Mr. Limas is that lawyer. El abogado habla español.

We will provide a full analysis of your case, how the guidelines may complicate your legal position and explain your options to defend against the power of the government. We believe that you need to have a full understanding of your position to allow you to make informed decisions. Our lawyer has trial experience in federal court and will not hesitate to go the distance when it is in our clients' best interests.

You Do Not Have To Wait For An Arrest Or Indictment

If you believe you are under investigation for a federal crime, or you or a loved one has already been indicted, we urge you to call 956-404-0787 to discuss your case. While we handle a wide variety of federal offenses, some of the most common charges in South Texas include:

  • Drug trafficking: As a border state, officials expend enormous resources to enforce drug laws at the border. Importation or distribution of narcotics is a serious offense. Our federal criminal defense attorney will stand strong by your side to challenge the power of the government.
  • Human smuggling: United States federal law makes it a crime to smuggle humans across the border. Harboring an immigrant (sometimes called alien harboring) is another common charge in South Texas. We provide rigorous analysis and tenacious advocacy in federal court to defend against human smuggling charges. The number of alleged people involved can make a significant difference in the penalties you may be facing. You need a lawyer who understands every aspect of federal law to protect your future.
  • Gun smuggling and weapons charges in federal court: Weapons charges in the federal system can be standalone crimes or associated with other offenses. A weapons enhancement to a drug case can increase the potential penalties significantly. We represent clients accused of firearms trafficking or unlawful possession, or in cases when a firearm is used to enhance other crimes in federal court.

Our client-centered criminal defense practice is well-positioned to give you the defense you deserve. To speak with a knowledgeable lawyer in Brownsville, call attorney Fabian Limas Jr. at 956-404-0787. You can send us an email anytime, and we will promptly get back to you. Se habla español.